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Best Medium Sized Ecological Consultancy of the Year, CIEEM 2019
Covid-19 Update: Clarkson & Woods are operating on a business as usual basis having made some changes to how we work. Full statement here.
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Our team of expert ecologists provide a full range of ecological survey and consultancy services in respect to planning and land management. Working across a broad range of sectors including private homeowners, local authorities and housing developers we ensure compliance to wildlife legislation while remaining client-focused, solutions oriented and innovative.


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Award Winning Consultancy

We are proud winners of CIEEM’s ‘Best Medium Consultancy of the Year 2019’. CIEEM is the leading body representing ecologists and environmental managers in the UK, Ireland and abroad. We are delighted that our team’s hard work and dedication has been recognised in this way and look forward to another successful year in 2020.
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Our Services

Our expert team of ecologists will work with you to understand your plans, however large or small. They will formulate an approach that best suits your needs and ensures compliance with environmental and wildlife regulations. There are significant benefits in us getting involved early on in the process to allow for the most effective and economical solution.


The UK supports 17 species of bat, all of which are protected under legislation which relates to the animals themselves as well as their roost sites

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Badgers are social creatures living in family groups in underground structures called setts. Badgers and their setts are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act.

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Newts & Reptiles

There are six native species of common reptile in the UK; the grass snake, slow-worm, adder, common lizard, smooth snake and sand lizard. All receive strict legal protection

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The dormouse, one of the UK’s most charismatic species, has suffered from significant decline over the past 50 years

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All wild birds in the UK, including their eggs and nests, are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended).

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Habitat Survey & Assessment

Habitat Survey & Assessment Note: as discussed include botanical surveys in here……A robust habitat survey at an early stage in project planning and design can deliver significant benefits to a project. A habitat survey provides a firm foundation and helps to ensure that any ecological constraints are identified at an early stage. Early identification helps…

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Specialist Planning & Advice

Specialist Planning What would we like to say here? How we can help text here When Is this section relevant? Case Studies Initial Survey Cras porta ligula vitae velit ornare interdum. Mauris consectetur mi vitae commodo pellentesque. Maecenas maximus tempus purus, et feugiat lectus efficitur eget. Sed est tellus, vulputate sit amet justo non, varius…

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Ecological Site Works

Ecological Site Works ecological site works including tree climbing…..what else goes here? How we can help Our team are fully trained in tree climbing and other specialist works including badger sett construction and protective fencing installation. We work with our clients to implement an effective, cost effective solution based on our findings in the initial…

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Ecological Monitoring & Management

Ecological Monitoring Ecological monitoring will usually form part of any mitigation plan that we put in place. We work with our clients to implement a practical and cost effective plan for monitoring the site. How we can help Does planning permission sometimes state that ecological monitoring has to take place?  What else here? When Is…

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Habitat Creation

Habitat Creation We work closely with landscape architects to ensure newly created habitats and existing habitats are appropriately managed to maximise their biodiversity value. We also advise on the management of sites so as to reduce issues and constraints associated with protected species. How we can help More text here e.g. badger setts? ponds? etc?…

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Research & Guidance

Research and Guidance Clarkson & Woods has been involved with research into new survey techniques and the effectiveness of mitigation measures for many years. For example our nest tube design remains the national standard methodology for surveying for dormice in woodlands and hedgerows. In 2019 we published SolarView which describes our methodology for solar site…

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We are pioneers in solar monitoring and have developed a standard protocol for monitoring solar sites called Solarview. We use this alongside walk-over surveys and bespoke species surveys when required. Read more here about our findings and methodology.
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Latest News

Covid 19 Statement

As you will have seen, the situation over the spread of the coronavirus in the UK is rapidly changing on a daily basis.  For Clarkson and Woods we are operating on a ‘business as usual’ basis.  Our priority at this time is to help safeguard the health and safety of our clients, contacts and staff,…


Tree Planting

What better way to blow away the cobwebs of our Christmas party than to get muddy in a field and plant some trees. Today, as part of our Christmas celebrations we have taken some time out to do some tree planting in our reserve. There is already a mixture of mature native trees and grassland…


Bat Rescue

One of our ecologists recently returned to the office with a new addition to the team. Paul found a bat in a roof that was underweight and not hibernating. He is now bringing it back to full health with a regular supply of meal worms. By this time of year bats should be a good…


Tree Climbing Training

Tree climbing is an essential part of the work we do, enabling close up tree inspections and bat monitoring. While it might sound like most kids’ idea of a perfect day out it’s serious business. Can we say a bit more about it here?